A vast stream of flowing water,

When it floods, it causes slaughter.

A glowing blue, the nectar of life,

It defeats evil and ends all strife.

A parched throat, some dirty friends,

With some water all of this ends.

With a great gurgle and a deafening roar,

The river charges on, a mighty boar.

But yet, alas, now behold,

The boar is stopped by forces untold.

Dams are built, the way is blocked.

The river is stopped, oh! how it is shocked!

Garbage is thrown, a labyrinth of plastic,

Oh! How the river looks, the scene is horrific.

Oh please, oh please, save the river,

We are so naïve, that we forget the future.

Published by thelittlealchemyst

Your friendly neighbourhood guy who believes in god

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