Something terrible has happened to me. Something truly terrible. It was an incident that occurred with me a few hours ago and I have decided to write about it. Well, it was late night, maybe 10:30 (US time). I slept off very proud of myself because I had just hit 300 followers on my blog. But life sucks. I woke up in the morning all excited and all but guess what??!? One look at my blog ended that all. From 300 followers my followers had become 247!!! Yes! Some cheat had done that for “cheap thrills”. This same thing had happened with my friend Calum too.Well surprise surprise I was sad. But then something clicked in my mind and I somehow found the person behind this. William Johnson aka my classmate aka stories of ecstasy on WordPress. Let me put my reasons in front of you:

William was an editor for both me and Calum, meaning that he had access to all our followers and could remove every single one of them (including you).

Therefore guys after concluding this I have decided that I am going to do something. Time to fight. Time to retaliate.


Get ready for an online war

That’s it for now guys, though I am really sad and want to do nothing I will still try to blog. Love u all.

Just FYI: pls don’t try to contact me through the comments section, I have just disabled it. Good day and Sayonara.

By Nico aka The Alchemyst

Published by thelittlealchemyst

Your friendly neighbourhood guy who believes in god

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