In life

In life moments come and go,

take your shot or you will never know.

Dreams they are true or not,

Depends if you take a shot.

But the minute goes it does not stop,

It’s never waiting; you have to take a shot.

You’ll get trampled, you’ll have to fall,

 But get up now; you’ll have to walk.

No matter the blows that will strike,

You will stand, it’s part of life.

But like a hunter waiting for the season,

You don’t wait long you will get the reason.

When it falls when it rains, it falls on all of us the same,

But after today the worlds gonna know your name.

And all it takes…

Is one man who has drive,

Determination in his eyes.

Published by thelittlealchemyst

Your friendly neighbourhood guy who believes in god

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