In the shadows of the cloak,

As the night clutches hold.

I hide thy bravery,

in their rotten smoke.

And in the face of destiny,

As thy fate rolls past,

I dance to the beat of my heart,

In a long forgotten melody.

My soul aches to tell you

To show thee the divine truth,

To lie beneath the morning sky,

And gaze at the cobalt blue.

As the lies bottle up,

It’s harder to open now,

My teeth are clenched with fear,

And my heart, an immortal cup.

The golden ichor seeps from wounds,

Invisible to the naked eye,

My blood line finally licked clean,

By power – hungry hounds.

My chest finally heaves,

Struggling with its last breath,

As my eyes move to the horizon,

To the light the sunshine weaves.

My gaze is tinted gold,

With a little scent of pine,

My cracked lips move in,

A silent pray to wings fallen cold.

The hero steps forward,

His hand on his silver sword,

His steed beside neighing,

It’s head held like a lord.

His eyes eye me warily,

His hand at the hilt,

Then with surprising gentleness,

He lifts me caringly.

He puts me down at a meadow,

I hear the far off fall of water,

And as the rubies of the crown fall,

They shatter the silent dough.

Then in forlorn hues of the past,

I sit beside the roaring Thames,

My essence slowly dissolving,

A mere shade at last.

Published by thelittlealchemyst

Your friendly neighbourhood guy who believes in god

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