Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Revised)

The nastiest tales,

of blood and nails

are fairy tales,

mind you.

For example let’s take Goldilocks,

that thieving little snot.

When the three bears,

made 3 bowls,

of porridge mixed with hair.

They decided to take a walk,

to London’s big tower clock.

But when they were away,

disaster came to play.

Now children, stop reading the story,

for now it is gory.

I wish this tale,

wasn’t put on sale.

So you read still, is it?

Are you not afraid even 1 tid bit?

Now, I must ask you,

how would you feel,

if one thieving snot gulped down your meal?

Well, that’s what she did,

that rotten little quid.

Oh, and there’s more to add,

things are getting bad.

She saw an antique chair,

priceless for mother bear.

And she jumped on it for all she was worth,

and ground it down to earth.

She then went up the stairs,

without any cares.

When she went upstairs,

she found the beds of the bears.

And flung herself on one,

with her shoes dirty with what a dog had done.

Then without a worry,

she slept in no hurry.

When she woke up she saw,

straight into papa bears open jaw.

And GULP! She was swallowed!


Published by thelittlealchemyst

Your friendly neighbourhood guy who believes in god

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