Tree of life

Oh tree, so strong and tall,

’ere comes autumn,

and off your leaves fall.

the fruits you bore,

so ripe and juicy,

and sweet to the core,

With golden boughs,

you are so fair,

but man cuts you down,

without a care.

so all men stop

and hear,

you shouldn’t chop,

or lo and behold,

the trees of life,

shall become cold,

and dry.

Honesty is the best policy…

Hey guys,

I just want to tell you a really important thing. This is for both my recent and old followers. I want to ask for just a simple favour from you.

Before you guys like my posts, pls read them. If you want to just like them then it creates a negative impression on me ‘cause I feel as if you are just liking it for heavens sake and don’t care about what I write. Also if you don’t like my post pls don’t like it, however pls comment on how I can improve myself.

Have a good day ahead,

Yours sincerely,

Nico aka The Alchemyst

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