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Imagination VS. Knowledge

There are two ways to see the world. One is to see through the keyhole carved by your ancestors and one is to forge your own. Neither is better and neither is worse, however some are more appealing. When you see a flower through the keyhole you see a living organism with different parts and functions, you see it’s anatomy and it’s structure. But when you open the door itself you see the flower as something entirely different. You see a food source for the insects, you see someone who plays an important role in its ecosystem, heck you can see it is the tool to propose to a woman. This is the difference between imagination and knowledge. Knowledge is set on predefined grooves that only harden as you move further. Albeit it also involves discovering previously unknown facts, it still moves in a repetitive fashion. Imagination however is a fiery horse you use to clear your way through past beliefs and make your own fiery path. Imagination is a belief that the world can be anything you think about and that you are no slave of fate but make your own destiny. Imagination is all about seeing the world through your own mind. Even if one does not have knowledge but has imagination he can survive but the opposite won’t be true. And this is because it doesn’t matter what you choose to be or do, everyone needs a healthy dose of imagination.


Published by thelittlealchemyst

Your friendly neighbourhood guy who believes in god

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